FairSay works with the world's leading campaigns to increase their effectiveness within weeks.

FairSay ultimately exists to help everyone have a fair say in shaping their world. To achieve the biggest impact possible, FairSay thus focuses on providing services to campaigns since this is a major way people can have their fair say. These include:

  1. Advise campaigning organisations and coalitions on effective campaigning
  2. Connect activism practitioners to share experience and help each other improve their campaigning
  3. Develop campaigners through training, workshops and events
  4. Identify gaps in campaigning practice through

These ensure it is simple and easy for people to take campaigning actions, get involved and connect to others with shared concerns.

We do this through providing e-campaigning consultancy, e-campaigning training and organising e-campaigning related events the annual eCampaigning Forum for e-activism practitioners. These are only the humble beginnings of what we intend to be a flourishing hub of public participation.

For FairSay, digital (i.e. Internet, mobile phones and other digital networks and platforms) is about finding ways to get people everywhere engaged in being locally active. digital is part of this process and can be a key enabler, but is it only a starting point for people to be informed, connected and involved.

Our next step is to put advocacy management knowledge and tools in the public domain so that people, organisations and coalitions around the world can use them and contribute together.

We have big plans, but for the moment it is best we focus on taking one step at a time, and we hope you will take these steps with us.

Duane Raymond

FairSay Founder

by Admin published Mar 26, 2013,
Key Information


FairSay was founded and is run by Duane Raymond. Just before founding FairSay, Duane was Oxfam GB's eCampaigning Manager from 2001-2004.

Before this, most of the things he did related to the Internet, sustainability or mobilising and developing people - so now he combines all three in FairSay.

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