ECF Volunteering

If you benefit from the ECF community, consider occasionally volunteering to help maintain and improve it.
Area 1: Summarise

Great knowledge gets shared every month on the ECF community list. Yet unless it is summarised, it is buried in the archives. Help is needed to summarise posts so knowledge is condensed and sharable. This is a great way to learn more about e-campaigning.


  1. Summaries distributed on a monthly basis, but can be produced at any time.
  2. ECF list posts are 'not attributable' without permission. So either get permission or exclude people's and organisation names.
  3. Each 'topic' should get its own post. Past posts on the same topic can be updated.
  4. Delegate where possible: ask discussion 'instigators' to summarise the post for you.
  5. Discussions where expertise is shared can be turned into 'knowledge' posts (by a discussion participant or by you)
  6. You will be provided with an account to publish ECF summary posts (and you will receive recognition for it).

Guest Editors

To volunteer to be a guest editor, email [email protected] with the month(s) you would like to be an editor. More than one editor can volunteer for each month.

Month (2013)Editor(s)
Area 2: Technical



Migrate to Groupserver
Add Groupserver OAuth*
Groupserver HTML Emails*
Action Email Archive
Feed of new subject-lines*
Push subject lines to Twitter*



Area 3: Design

With the plan to move to Groupserver, ECF community interaction will be available via the web (archive, send new posts, profiles). Groupserver has a default design, it could use improvements in terms of usability and beauty.

Skills Required

  • Usability design (required)
  • CSS (required)
  • Coding (helpful)

Note: In the next version of Groupserver, the theming system will have been overhauled making it easier to theme and improving usability.

Project Volunteers

Groupserver Theming
Area 4: Your Idea

Have an idea for improving the ECF Community (and you can lead on implementing it)?  Email your proposal to [email protected] to discuss it and then we can see how to take it forward.

Can't Volunteer?

If you've benefited from the ECF community but can't volunteer time to support its maintenance and improvement, you can also donate to the running costs (aka give karma).

by Duane Raymond published May 10, 2013,