Criteria for ECF Hiring/RFP Posts

Criteria for posting job offers, request for proposals, recommendations for consultants, developers or training, paid event promotions, etc.

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ECF: 3800+ practitioner and managers

The Campaigning Forum (ECF) community list is a worldwide network of more than 3600 campaigners, digital experts, fundraisers, volunteer coordinators, managers, agencies, consultants and freelancers. At least 60% are UK based with other clusters in the rest of Europe, Australia/New Zealand, North America and Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Deadline: 23:59 Thursdays (any time zone)

Posting criteria

£100 postingFree posting
  • 30 day listing (extension free) for each role with distinct title, location and contract type
  • Listed in ECF job email roundup
  • Posted to other relevant networks
  • Support
  • 1 time, 7 day listing for 1 role
  • Listed in ECF job email roundup only
  • Max. 1 free listing every 3 months and 2 free over 12 months
  • No support
  • London / flexi-location jobs
  • Want support and/or 30 day listing
  • Anyone may post a job (not just established ECF members)
  • Also cost: recommendations for agencies, consultants, trainers or freelancers

All of:

  • Be a job at a charity
  • Have a max salary under £30k (or national equivalent)
  • Posted by someone who is an ECF member for at least 30 days
  • Be handled by the charity internally, not a paid external recruiter

and at least one of:

  • Tiny charity (< 10 full time equivalent)
  • Fixed location, non-London job
  • Non-English language job
  • Projects under £2k budget and paying less than £200/day.
  • Recommendations for tools and platforms

All paid work must list a salary or budget. If the salary/budget differs by country, list 1-2 example salaries based on common locations (e.g. UK, US, EU). See Show The Salary campaign for why.

For paid postings, the fee is for the cost os posting and promoting, not for listing for 30 days. The 30 day period is a max. initial period to prevent filled jobs being listed, but is free to extendable up to 60 days (and re-list for free within 30 days of the deadline if requested)

2-Step Process

  1. Complete the opportunity listing form
  2. Pay the fee (if required) after completing the form (or on this page)

Recommendation requests

Recommendation requests are hiring posts because they seek candidates of agencies or individuals to hire. As such they are subject to the same eligibility criteria as other hiring posts.  The one difference is that for paid recommendation requests, an ECF member can make an individual post to the ECF community to request recommendations from the community.

Governance roles

Governance roles, including voluntary governance roles, follow the same general criteria and options as above. Most will qualify as free 7-day posts.

Volunteer roles & internships

Voluntary and internship roles, follow the same general criteria and options as above. Most will qualify as free 7-day posts.

Based on input from the ECF community, volunteer and internship roles should be:

  1. Role that staff would never be expected to perform or hired for
  2. Roles that do not have a minimum hours nor set working times
  3. Paid travel and meals for volunteers and interns
  4. Paid work for Internships with a structured plan to support the Interns' learning

These (and potentially other) criteria help ensure volunteering and internships are genuine, fair and accessible and not a replacement for staff time and or hiring paid staff.

by Duane Raymond published Jul 19, 2013,
Hiring via ECF?

Effective 15 Sep 2021:

  • £100 per hiring / RFP posts
  • £100 per request for recommendations of agencies / consultants / specialist freelancers
  • Free posts if they satisfy the criteria

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