Get specific expert advice by phone and email as you face real choices and challenges.


Mentoring supports managers and practitioners in making good choices based on FairSay experience, knowledge of best practice and past evidence.


Monthly phone calls are scheduled to discuss progress and issues. Ad-hoc phone calls and emails can also be made to support immediate choices being faced. The result is having the guidance and confidence to navigate the bewildering array of possibilities for digital campaigning.

If you prefer, monthly phone calls can be made more (or less) frequent and/or replaced with face-to-face meetings where feasible. Furthermore if you need specific expertise that FairSay cannot directly provide, we can seek out potential mentors to guide you through the choices you face.


Mentors can either be:

  1. Duane Raymond, FairSay's founder with over a decade or e-campaigning experience in UK and global campaigns.
  2. Brie Rogers Lowery, formerly of GetUp in Australia and the 1GOAL Campaign

Contact Duane to...

  • Discuss how we can mentor your campaigning
  • Learn about our past and current work
  • Discover what you could be achieving

Helpful, independent advice with no strings attached.

» Duane Raymond

+44 207 993 4200

FairSay FairSay c/o The Hub
5 Torrens St.
London EC1V 1NQ United Kingdom

Skype: fairsay

by Duane Raymond published Jan 20, 2011,
Key Information

Helps to:

  • Learn faster on-the-job
  • Apply best practices
  • Run effective campaigns
  • Avoid e-campaigning pitfalls
  • Provide external perspective

Cost guide: £200+ / month
(+ expenses)

Return: e-campaigning that achieves or exceeds objectives and managers and/or practitioners who rapidly improve their e-campaigning expertise

Elapsed time: 2+ hours a month (depends on scope)


  • free trial for first month
  • minimum 4 month contract if wish to continue
  • 3 month notice period to cancel