Digital Leadership Forum 2017

Digital Leadership Forum 2017

Develop the skills and knowledge to help transform your organisation and career
You'll learn how to
  • Develop trusting relationships with your managers and colleagues
  • Influence without power
What is DLF?

A two-day professional development workshop where participants will learn how to become better leaders and help guide their organisations through digital transformation.

1 day: £300; 2 d: £500; 3 d: £700
30 participants max
dinners, accommodation
St Katharine's, 2 Butcher Row, London E14 8DS
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What is the Digital Leadership Forum?

The Digital Leadership Forum is a two-day personal development workshop aiming to support Digital Leads and other Managers lead digital transformation in their organisations.

It’s an opportunity to unwind, slow down, take stock of the past year, learn how to use some of the influencing, leadership and coping tools and create a personal development plan for the year ahead.

Developing ourselves often feels like a luxury when there is so much to do in the office, but it is essential for career progression and becoming better at one's job.

And learning about ourselves needs time. DLF stretches over two days (20 & 21 March 2017). Time for presentations is reduced to allow more space for participants' own reflection, discussion, peer support and facilitated thinking and planning.

If you've had a mentor or a coach, you will know what these two days will feel like. Many of us haven't got much time to think about how we operate in the workplace beyond pure delivery. So when we allow ourselves to do it, we can learn a lot about self and how others perceive us.

The day will be facilitated by Brani with the support of professional leadership coaches. Sessions will focus on discussion and exercises which will provide participants with tools to help them develop their (digital) leadership and influencing skills.

New for 2017

DLF refreshers

We know that it’s hard to find the time to focus on your personal development once you've left DLF. So we’ve started DLF refreshers - quarterly half-day meetings where you can meet with your peers and continue working on your leadership development. Refreshers will be scheduled for June, October and January. There is a small charge to cover for the costs of the venue.


This year's DLF will take place in London, at one of the oldest charities in the UK, The Royal Foundation of St Katharine - a peaceful oasis just east of the City of London and within very easy reach from central London. Dinner between two days will be organised (but we’re all splitting the bill) and we also have an offer of a short local guided tour so you can learn more about this part of London’s history and the significance of the river Thames. The Foundation offers accommodation if you don’t live in London.


Sun. Mar. 19

Arrival Day for some participants

19:30 Dinner: pre-training dinner, Get to know the other training participants over food and drink. Informal and location to be determined by those wishing to join. Dinner not included in training price.

Mon. Mar. 20

Digital Leadership Forum Day One:

Getting support from peers and Managing up with integrity
08:45-09:30 Check in: grab your name tag and say hello! You also might want to grab a cup of coffee or tea
  • Introductions
  • Working together: Getting to know each other as leaders, identifying challenges and working together to resolve them
  • Coffee/tea breaks throughout the morning
13:00-14:00 Lunch (included) & table discussions
  • Communicating with purpose
  • Communicating the change, take people with you, Groups working on presentations
  • Coffee/tea breaks throughout the afternoon
  • Check-Out - reflection on the day, planning for Day 2
17:30 Formal end of DLF day one
17:30 Optional: Wapping music walk (TBC)
19:30 Optional: Dinner in a local pub

Tue. Mar. 21

Digital Leadership Forum Day Two:

Having difficult conversations and Personal resilience
08:45-09:30 Check in: grab your name tag and say hello! You also might want to grab a cup of coffee or tea
  • Introducing the day
  • Presentations to the Panel
  • Coffee/tea breaks throughout the morning
13:00-14:00 Lunch (included) & table discussions
  • Feedback to groups from the Panel
  • Discussion
  • Personal plan for the next year
  • Coffee/tea breaks throughout the afternoon
  • Checking out
17:30 Formal end of DLF
  • Drink and food in a local pub (for those staying in London)
  • Travel up to Oxford for the 2017 Campaigning Forum (for those joining!) to make it in time for dinner
19:30 (Oxford)
Pre-Campaigning Forum Dinner & table discussions
21:00 Pub: Who ever feels like it can join us in the pub.

Wed. Mar. 22

Join the 2017 Campaigning Forum Day One


Campaigning Forum 2017 Day One

60 minute leadership coaching only for DLF participants (optional, requires the Campaigning Forum Day 1 or Day 2 booking)

Thu. Mar. 23

JOIN the Campaigning Forum Day Two


The Campaigning Forum 2017 Day Two

About the Workshop Organiser

Branislava MilosevicBranislava Milosevic (former Save the Children and CAFOD Head of Digital) has been working with senior managers and Digital Leads helping them work together to maximise the potential of Digital in reaching the long-term objectives of their organisations.

by Duane Raymond published Dec 21, 2016,