Learn how to use your e-campaigning tool to its full potential by identifying best practice gaps.

Having an e-campaigning tool is no guarantee you achieve great campaigning. Getting the most from it takes experience, focus and knowledge of what aspects of your strategy can be implemented with your e-campaigning tool.

Having used a variety of e-campaigning tools over the last decade, FairSay can help you get the most from them.

E-Activist by Engaging Networks

E-Activist is Engaging Networks' e-campaigning tool.  It is a powerful tool but one that is seldom used to its full capability. FairSay can:

  • Review your e-activist usage
  • Identify gaps and apply best practice
  • Develop a plan on how to use it to its full potential that directly relates to your strategy and plan
  • Document how to use it to achieve your specific campaign objectives
  • Training campaigners and digital practitioners on how to use it
  • Extend its functionality by providing tailored reporting, exporting and other tools like tailored progress bars and counters

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  • Learn about our past and current work
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by Duane Raymond published Jan 21, 2011,
Key Information

Helps to:

  • Extend knowledge and skills
  • Apply best practices
  • Connect strategy with implementation
  • Achieve higher performance 

Cost guide: £750/day (negotiable)
(+ expenses)

Return: best practices applied from day-one and costly pitfalls avoided

Elapsed time: depends on needs

Tool Review clients:

  • Greenpeace UK
  • Action Aid UK
  • 1GOAL Campaign
  • Control Arms Campaign