Naughty Jelly / ECF Workday

Naughty Jelly / ECF Workday

Share knowledge, solve problems and stimulate new ideas while doing your normal work
Naughty Jelly is...

a co-working group in London, made up of mainly campaigners, who escape the work office for the day and work from another office, in London.

Who is it for?
  • Campaigners
  • Fundraisers
  • Volunteer managers
  • Digital practitioners
  • Agency/Freelancers
Next Host
Craig Philbrick, Tearfund
WiFi, workspace, coffee/tea
At a local pub
Self-organised (co-ordinate on the day)
Tearfund, 100 Church Road Teddington TW11 8QE
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Naughty Jelly

Naughty Jelly is a co-working group in London, made up of mainly campaigners, who escape the work office for the day and work from another office, in London.

The plan: we’re going to work in the morning (as I find it to be the most productive of the day), and when that midday bell rings, we’ll put the laptops away and had to the canteen and get to know each other.


The annual ECF events are a powerful and useful event for knowledge sharing, connecting with peers from outside our organisations and being inspired.  But they only happen once a year! Research also show that some of the most useful ideas, knowledge exchanges and collaborations come from random meetings at water coolers, coffee machines and over breaks.

Naughty Jelly (previously called ECF Workday) provides the opportunities for unexpected knowledge exchanges by providing a space to do your normal work but with people you would never normally bump into in the office.

How do I host one?

Hosting is easy. Just:

  1. Identify a date, ideally 2-4 week ahead of time
  2. Book a room with space for 10-20 people to work seated around a table (or other arrangement)
  3. Ensure WiFi (or wired internet connections) and coffee/tea/water are available for everyone
  4. Set-up a reservation process using EventBrite or your preferred system
  5. Get the event listed on the FairSay site
  6. Announce it via the ECF list and any other channels (e.g. for London, Digital Charities)
  7. Manage reservations
  8. Host event, direct them where to get lunch

Tip: as a free event, assume that at least 25% of people won't show up, so you can overbook if you wish or have a wait-list


When Duane Raymond started FairSay in 2004, he wanted to get out and work with other social entrepreneurs. So once a month a few people got together at breakfast and exchanged tips and also doing some work. But it shortly faded when things got busy. A few years later, it was resurrected as ECF Workdays to bring together people active in the ECF community to co-work. That then faded in 2011. Craig Philbrick from Tearfund raised the idea with Duane at ECF Europe 2014 as he had seen a similar concept with 'Jelly'..and so Naughty Jelly was born to bring back the concept to the ECF community.

Upcoming Events
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Campaigning Forum 2022 Sep 27, 2022 - Sep 29, 2022 — NCVO, London, UK
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