Get on the right track and avoid the pitfalls.

We can develop or review your whole campaigning strategy - or just the digital side. You tell us what you want to achieve by when and we develop a draft strategy or review to get you there. Then we refine it together so it becomes your strategy.

This strategy or strategy review helps you focus on the activities that get the best results while minimising the risks.

How we can help

If you don't have the time or expertise to do it yourself - or you just want an external perspective - FairSay can develop an e-campaigning strategy for:

  • One campaign, the whole organisation or a coalition
  • An international, national or local scope
  • All channels or just one type like social networks or email
  • Short term or long term

What we've done for others

  • 3-year campaigning strategies
  • Reviews of campaigning strategies
  • Reviews of campaigning email strategies
  • Strategies for campaigning via online social networks
  • Strategies for activating dormant supporters

Contact Duane to...

  • Discuss how we can help your campaigning
  • Learn about our past and current work
  • Discover what you could be achieving

Helpful, independent advice with no strings attached.

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by Admin published Jun 14, 2008,
Key Information

Helps to:

  • Start campaigning online and off
  • Focus on best practices
  • Avoid proven pitfalls
  • Have comprehensive plan
  • Plan multi-year
  • Integrate internally
  • Improve existing plans

Cost guide: £3-8k

Return: dramatically improved campaigning and money saved by avoiding proven pitfalls

Elapsed time: 15-60 days (depends on feedback speed)

Strategy clients:

  • WWF UK
  • Greenpeace International
  • World Vision UK
  • 1GOAL Campaign
  • Greenpeace Australia-Pacific
  • Rethink
  • Stop Climate Chaos
  • Tearfund