Send printed post to people in power.

Just one personally written postcard or letter to a decision maker can convince them.

PostBug is a platform to help you have a bigger impact on decision makers and supporters. You provide the campaign content and promote it to the desired audience and PostBug converts supporter messages into printed postcards or letters.

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Control the cost, brand and data

Organisations can pay for the cost of sending so supporters send for free; use the platform for free and let supporters pay the cost or give supporters the choice. It can even be used for fundraising! You also

  1. White label option so only your brand shines
  2. You own the supporter data
  3. You can moderate messages
  4. Control the budget
  5. Use your organisations' privacy statements
  6. ...and more...

How we can help

If you wish to increase your impact on decision makers and give your supporters a novel way to engage them, all you need to do is:

  • Produce the campaign content: image and text
  • Decide on who pays: organisation, supporter or supporter choice.
  • Decide if/how to integrate it into your site
  • Develop and launch the action via email and other social media

What we've done for others

  1. Shelter: Got 1000s of supporters to send postcards to MPs asking them to attend an upcoming Shelter event
  2. Dignity in Dying: Crowdfunded £11k to pay for sending postcards to to politicians asking for a law to legalise assisted dying
  3. St Mungos: Got 1000s of supporters to send postcards to MPs asking to fund homeless hostels
  4. Equal Civil Partnerships: Supporters paid to send postcards to MPs and ministers over several years to allow hetrosexual couples to enter into civil partnership
  5. ONE: used supporter-sent postcards to inform MPs about the constituency contribution to the UK Aid budget
  6. Mind: postcards in Welsh and English to Welsh politicians letting them know they will be helpd to their commitments on mental health
  7. Cancer Research UK: ask MPs to support an increased investment in NHS staffing
  8. Save The Children: Ran the action via their Engaging Networks tool and then passed the data to generate the postcards from custom messages.
  9. ITUC: Got supporters to send postcards in solidarity with imprisoned Brazilian President Lula
  10. ...and more

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  • Learn about client case studies and possibilities
  • Discover how it could work for your campaigning and fundraising

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by Duane Raymond published Dec 31, 2020,
Key Information

Helps to:

  • Increase campaign impact
  • Offer novel campaign actions
  • Be noticed above email flood
  • Deliver physical mail to decision makers
  • Identify engaged supporters

Cost guide: £1.8/postcard or letter. Min. 250 for white label offering

Return: higher impact with decision makers, get supporters to cover the cost and event donate.

Elapsed time: 15 minute setup once content received. Length depends on the campaign strategy.

PostBug clients:

  • Shelter
  • Save the Children
  • International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
  • Cancer Research UK
  • ONE Campaign
  • Mind
  • Dignity in Dying
  • Equal Civil Partnerships
  • Hope not Hate
  • St Mungos
  • Intergenerational Foundation
Contact Duane to...
  • Discuss how we can help your campaigning
  • Learn about our past and current work
  • Discover what you could be achieving

Duane Raymond

+44 207 993 4200

FairSay FairSay c/o The Hub
5 Torrens St.
London EC1V 1NQ United Kingdom

Skype: fairsay