Hiring posts now cost £45

A trial to ensure fair contribution to ECF community posts

From Aug 1, 2016, there will be a £45 charge for hiring post for UK posts/UK organisations. This is a trial to see if recruiting organisations are willing to pay (2-3 have been voluntarily contributing already). Hiring posts from outside the UK will still be free for now. All hiring posts will still be limited to Fridays.


The ECF list was always meant for discussion/sharing - not hiring/RFP posts, posts asking for freelancer recommendations or 3rd party events. However they were tolerated because some people wanted them. In a sense, all ECF list members have all been 'paying' for hiring posts by tolerating them in our inbox even if we didn't want them. This needs to change.

In the last year, the volume of hiring posts has grown considerably. Furthermore, people (and recruiters) are increasingly joining the ECF list simply to look for jobs and post jobs. This means everyone gets these posts regardless of whether they want them or not. Charging is meant to both reduce the flow and also to ensure this benefit they get from posting is returned to the costs of running the ECF list.

Furthermore, with dozens of web sites focusing on charity jobs and the growing role of LinkedIn in hiring - all of whom charge - the ECF list as a free hiring post channel was at risk. Many people already filter ECF posts because of the volume. Hiring posts contributed to that.

The act of limiting hiring posts to Friday also increased the workload of list management. Now there were more posts caught in the keyword filter meant to stop hiring posts going to the list until approved and there was also more work enforcing the guidelines (some jobs are rejected 2-3 times before they get them right!). So the alternatives to charging would either be sponsorship of the hiring option or stopping it and forcing people to use existing services elsewhere.


  • Only paid postings will be supported. Free posting are possible, but will get no support (they have never been given support)
  • UK-based and location flexible jobs will be charged £45
  • Hiring posts for fixed location jobs outside the UK can be posted for free for now because they are fewer and at least half of ECF members are in the UK (but no support for free posts)
  • Tiny organisations as well as volunteer and intern posts can get an exemption if they ask (but no support for free posts)
  • RFP amd requests for recommendations of agencies/consultants/freelancers will also be charged (£45 to get a short list of vetted agencies/consultants/freelancers is great value!)

More support

What paying for hiring posts will mean is that posters get more support. The exiting system was unsupported (e.g follow guidelines or be rejected, posting can only go out once, poster has to be on the ECF list). Free posts will still be subject to these and all hiring posts will still come out Fridays. Non ECF list subscribers will also be able to post (all still have to be approved). But paid hiring posts will get proactive support and can input what type of support they want. they will also be able to re-post them at no extra charge if they still want more candidates.

If the trial is successful, a dedicated hiring service will be developed that serves both ECF members (most important) and hiring organisations. The goal is to help the right expertise in the right roles to make a difference in the world, and that needs to be supported properly!

How to pay

On the hiring guidelines page is a contribution form (via PayPal/Card). Now it will be required. Organisations can also bulk-buy up to 10 hiring posts and use them as and when they need.

This trial will run 2-ish months and then be evaluated. If a hiring service is implemented, the costs will be at market rates (£45 is about 40-60% market rate).

Feedback (including strong opinions) is welcome as usual :-)  The ECF list is the best place for it so we can discuss it together!

by Duane Raymond published Jul 27, 2016,