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"It's the event where you will learn more in 2 days about online campaigning than you will the rest of the year." - Rachel Collinson (March 2013)

"I really enjoyed myself and learnt so much. My mind is still buzzing with so much stuff and I'm really excited about implementing all my learning." Esther Freeman, UK (March 2013)

"Thank you for organising this great event! You can sign me up for ECF europe right now :)" - Thomas (March 2013)

"The reason I came to Oxford [ECF 2013] was to gain as much knowledge as possible from the fundraising and campaigning sector and work out how I will develop Cafe Art. I wasn't disappointed.", Paul Ryan, Cafe Art, London, UK (March 2013)

"I had great time and learnt lots and met lots of interesting people", Richard Roaf, Alter Eco Communications, (March 2013)

"I was really inspired by all the campaigns [at ECF 2010]", Sandra Dusch, Germany (January 2011)

"[ECF 2013] was a r-e-a-l-l-y awesome event! THX a lot!" - Clemens M. Schuster, Switzerland (March 2013)

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