Specialised courses to learn e-campaigning skills in-depth

For those experienced in the e-campaigning essentials, advanced courses help you to master specific e-campaigning skills and knowledge. Specialists supporting e-campaigning can also use them to improve their ability to help deliver best practice e-campaigning.

Participating in advanced courses requires that the prerequisites are met and that each participant understands the e-campaigning landscape. Courses are organised on demand and are confirmed once the minimum group size (five) is reached. Participants are expected to input the course in the weeks before it occurs to ensure it meets their needs.

Available Advanced Courses

Advanced courses can be on any e-campaigning topic as long as minimum five participants can be found. Suggestions for courses based on our experience of the challenges and gaps are below. You are also encouraged to suggest other topics.

Hot Topics

These courses address the issues people in the campaigning community are most interested in.

  • Blogging, bloggers and blogs for campaigning
  • Online social networks for campaigning
  • Online social media for campaigning
  • Online video for campaigning
  • Using mobile phones for campaigning

Essential Topics

These courses provide advanced skills in the essential activities needed to dramatically improve your campaigning.

  • eCampaigning planning
  • eCampaigning analysis and reporting
  • Getting more from the email-to-action cycle
  • Effective email communications
  • Optimising web e-actions
  • Advanced online recruiting
  • Advanced online mobilising
  • Converting donors into online campaigners
  • Converting campaigners into online donors
  • Online campaigning supporter management

Extended Campaigning Topics

These courses address specific needs based on upcoming opportunities and/or less common tactics.

  • Integrated Campaigning Planning
  • Segmented communications
  • Developing a campaigning story arc / narrative
  • Online to on-the-ground
  • Preparing for Elections
  • International / multi-lingual eCampaigning
  • eCampaigning in coalitions

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Key Information

Provides you with:

  • Advanced best practices
  • Knowledge to master topic
  • Skills to master topic
  • Understanding of the return
  • Network of fellow specialists

Cost guide: £400/person per day
(+ expenses)

Training days: 2-4


  • eCampaigning Essentials experience
  • Basic experience in the training topic