Experienced eCampaigners sharing success and failure stories

eCampaigning expert exchanges (aka eCampaigning Jedi training) are small expert-only events focused on a specific topic. These events are designed to allow e-campaigning practitioners with a proven track record in a specific area to extend their practice in that area by exchange success and failure stories, learning, insights, tactics and ideas with others of a similar level so they can learn from each other.

All participants must demonstrate a minimum expertise in the focus area and be approved by the facilitator and the other participants. These events will be organised on demand if the minimum group size (five) can be met.

Available Expert Exchanges

Exchange exchanges will be organised on demand. When a few experts express an interest in having an expert exchange on a specific topic organised, FairSay will seek out similarly experienced and interested experts and arrange the timing, logistics and agenda with input from those interested in participating.

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by Admin published Jul 28, 2008,
Key Information

Provides you with:

  • Ideas for new approaches
  • Benchmark against peers
  • The inside story of what works
  • Network of peer practitioners

Cost guide: £400/person per day
(+ expenses)

Training days: 1-3


  • Campaigning basics
  • Internet basics
  • Communication basics