The principles, tactics, and best practices to succeed at digital campaigning

This course focuses on providing a full insight into digital campaigning potential, principles, best practices and how they all fit together.  No other course will provide this range and thus it makes an excellent starting point for planning, initiating and managing digital campaigning.

Participants who complete this course will have short-cut years of on-the-job learning, be able to bypass the costly pitfalls and identify potential new ones. They will be able to plan, launch and/or manage digital campaigning of the same quality as organisations who have been digital campaigning for years.

Over the six days of this course, participants will learn:

  • An overview of digital campaigning strategies and tactics
  • How digital campaigning has a campaigning impact
  • Tracking, analysing and reporting
  • Best practices for recruitment and retention
  • Best practices for engagement and mobilisation
  • Best practices for using email for campaigning
  • Best practices for using the web for campaigning
  • Integrated campaigning
  • eCampaigning Planning
  • Emerging practices: social networks and social media
  • Other topics as agreed by the participants

Training Scheduling

The course is normally run with one module per week to enable participants to apply what they learn in between modules. However it can also be run as a five day intensive course. Modules are intended build on each other, but you may select specific courses to attend.

Day 1: The eCampaigning Landscape

On this day you will learn the full scope of what can be done with digital campaigning, how it contributes to campaigning objectives, what the key elements are and how they fit together.

  • Overview of digital campaigning strategies and tactics
  • How digital campaigning has a campaigning impact
  • The role of email and the web in digital campaigning
  • Introduction to split-testing, analysis and reporting
  • Summary of supporter recruitment and mobilisation
  • Introduction to integrated campaigning
  • Essential digital campaigning tools
  • Participant questions and interests

Day 2: Strategic Analysis and Reporting

Since analysis and reporting are essential through all aspects of digital campaigning, this day focuses on the skills and knowledge for analysing, benchmarking and reporting results to campaigners, senior managers and other stakeholders.

  • Why and how analysis and reporting is critical to effective digital campaigning
  • Getting the right data: email tracking, web tracking and split-testing
  • How to analyse and report results
  • Best practices benchmarking

Day 3: The Email-to-Action Cycle

The email-to-action cycle is fundamental to most digital campaigning. This day will develop the skills and knowledge to design and deliver this for maximum effect.

  • Understanding the supporter's experience
  • Email-to-action cycle best practices
  • Campaigning email best practices
  • Campaigning actions online best practices

Day 4: Recruiting and Mobilising Supporters

For most campaigning, recruiting and mobilising supporters is why digital campaigning is be used. This day will build the skills and knowledge for recruiting and mobilising in the most effective way and avoiding costly pitfalls.

  • Recruiting campaigning supporters: how and where
  • Mobilising campaigning supporters
  • Retaining and developing campaigning supporters
  • Using social networks, social media, mobiles and virals

Day 5: Digital campaigning Strategy and Planning

Digital campaigning is much more effective when it is well planned and part of a larger campaign. This day develops the knowledge for how to plan and integrate digital campaigning.

  • Synchronising offline media coverage with digital campaigning
  • Coordinating online to on-the-ground campaigning
  • Face-to-face advocacy and digital campaigning
  • Planning digital campaigning with other campaigning

Day 6: Best Practice Case Studies

Once you have the essential digital campaigning skills and knowledge, it helps to ground them in how various sector leaders have applied them and what they achieved.

Four case studies will be featured. These will be determined with the participants and an attempt will be made for the practitioners from the featured campaigns / organisations to be present to share the inside story.

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by Admin published Jul 28, 2008,
Key Information

Provides you with:

  • Overview of digital campaigning strategies
  • Overview of digital campaigning tactics
  • Knowledge of essential best practices
  • Skills to implement essential practices

Cost guide: £400/person per day
(+ expenses)

Training days: 6
(you can opt-out of some)


  • Campaigning basics
  • Internet basics
  • Communication basics