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2011 eCampaigning Forum, Most Popular Posts of 2010, Most Popular Posts of 2010, What did FairSay achieve in 2010?, Welcome Brie to FairSay, ...and Jess Day

Highlights of 2010... coming up in 2011

It may be a while since you first signed up to the FairSay newsletter (on [date], via [source]). I'm afraid this is the first newsletter I've sent, so you could be forgiven for having forgotten all about it! Apologies.

From now on, the FairSay newsletter will aim to help keep you up to date with e-campaigning, linking you into current trends, discussions and activities happening in the FairSay and wider e-campaigning communities.

If you have feedback, or ideas of things you want to hear more about, let me know simply by replying to this email. And you can of course stop the emails at any time, using the 'unsubscribe' link below.


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2011 eCampaigning Forum

This year's eCampaigning Forum event, on 22-23 March in Oxford, UK, will bring together e-campaigning practitioners (campaigners, digital professionals, campaigning managers, campaigning suppliers) from around the world to learn best and innovative practices through sharing with peers.

See: who's coming | agenda | apply now | discussdiscuss

Most Popular Posts of 2010

In case you missed them the first time around, here are some of the most popular articles and FairSay blog posts of 2010.

...and 2011 has already seen vibrant discussions on the eCampaigning Forum list. We'll be summarising these in future newsletters.

Make the most of unused budget

Are you are lucky enough to have unspent budget and your financial year is ending soon? Here are a few ideas for using this budget to benefit your activities in the next financial year.

find out more >>

What did FairSay achieve in 2010?

FairSay's impact in 2010 included:

  • Helping 2010 eCampaigning Forum participants learn best practices from each other
  • Enabling organisations to benchmark their performance via the 2009 and 2010 eCampaigning Review
  • Supporting the 1GOAL Campaign to attract more than 500,000 new online supporters in 2 months
  • Saving Save the Children UK £4,000/month by project managing the website migration to cheaper and more flexible hosting
  • Helping Macmillan Cancer Care retain new online supporters with an eCampaigning Performance Review
  • Increasing Action Aid UK's online campaigner recruitment to improve their use of Advocacy Online e-activist tool in their campaigning

Welcome Brie to FairSay

Brie Rogers Lowery has joined FairSay. She has some excellent e-campaigning experience having worked in GetUp in Australia and the recent 1GOAL Campaign. She will be working to help expand FairSay's delivery of essential e-campaigning services including training, events, support, advice and mentoring. She brings experience with online campaign fundraising as well as strong design experience and organising skills. If you'd like to talk about benefiting from Brie's experience, email her at [email protected] or follow her tweets.

...and Jess Day

Jess Day has been working on FairSay projects for a numbers of years including the eCampaigning Forum event, the eCampaigning Review, eCampaigning Resource Pack and more. In 2011 she'll continue on these as well as curate the eCampaigning Forum list archives and ensure this newsletter goes out regularly. Jess is available for freelance work doing qualitative e-campaigning reviews, event organising/facilitation, editing, etc. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her tweets.

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