Apr 2011 Edition

ECF around the world?, Activism v slacktivism debate, ECF list - monthly catch up

Catch up with ECF 2011 via video and reports

We've just about recovered from the excitement of last month's eCampaigning Forum in Oxford. With over 100 participants it was our biggest yet, with great presentations on campaign strategy and more.

But, as ever, the heart of the ECF is the interaction between practitioners. Use the ecflive site to catch up on presentations and discussions you missed. We'll be posting more video online soon - links in the next newsletter.



ECF around the world?

The buzz from this year's event is spreading. With Amsterdam ECFers already getting together informally, discussions are already under way about possible Australia and Central Europe (Austria) events. Watch this space for more.

Activism v slacktivism debate

How much have digital channels changed things for those who want to change the world? It depends on who you ask. Skeptics, realists and optimists including Micah White of Adbusters, Naomi McAuliffe of Amnesty UK presentations and video from the event.

ECF list - monthly catch up

If you follow the ECF email list, you'll know it can be hard to keep up with the fantastic ideas and discussions whizzing around. Our monthly blog summary will help you catch the gems you might otherwise have missed. This month: social media policies, video captions, webcasting, usability testing, legal issues and more...

by Duane Raymond published Apr 06, 2011,
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