Feb 2011 Edition

Activism vs. Slacktivism Debate, eCampaigning Forum 2011, How to Brief a Designer and ECF community hot topics over the past month.

Activism vs. Slacktivism

With digitally-enhanced revolutions in the middle east and a few months back by students in the UK, social media is coming of age as a campaigning tool. So join me at next month's eCampaigning Forum in Oxford to learn the latest.



PS - A late fee applies after Friday 18 February, so apply now.

eCampaigning Forum 2011

With over 70 participants signed up already, from 12 different countries, this year's get-together in March looks like being the most international ECF so far. With Greenpeace International's Jussi Kivipuro confirmed as speaker, small group topics rolling in and Thursday's Open Data Day filling up, it's shaping up for another great chance to learn and share. Save money and apply by Friday 18th before the rate goes up.

Hot topics on the ECF list

If you are a member of the ECF discussion list, you'll know what a fantastic source of wisdom, experience and advice it can be. (If not, sign up here.) Jess Day will be summarising some of the most useful discussions on the FairSay blog each month.

This month: catch up on the 'clicktivism' debate, find collaboration tools, photo petitions, the Wibya toolbar, and why it's worth finding a genuinely environmentally friendly printer. Find out what ECFers have been talking about.

How to brief a designer

Rachel Collinson's article on 'How to write a great web brief' was one of the top links in last month's newsletter. Here's FairSay's Brie Rogers Lowery's thoughts on a great designer's brief, asking, 'Have you really told them what they need to know?'

Also on Brie's blog: Thoughts on the role of social media in the Egyptian revolution.

Activism vs. slacktivism

You might have noticed a growing debate about the impact of e-campaigning. Given this interest, including the recent use of social media in the middle east protests, FairSay is organising a public debate in Oxford, UK on Monday 21 March (the day before the eCampaigning Forum).

While we haven't launched it publicly yet (we need to confirm speakers and media partners), reserve the date and we'll let you know when we confirm the event. If you have ideas for speakers, email - [email protected]

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