May 2011 Edition

Join us in Vienna!, ECF list - monthly catch up, ECF workdays, What we're reading

ECF in Austria, workday in London...

Things are moving ahead with bringing the eCampaigning Forum model of learning and sharing to a wider audience. See below for details of this year's event in Austria, and a chance to work together with other campaigners this Friday.

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Join us in Vienna!

We're very excited to announce that eCampaigning Forum Central and Eastern Europe is now open for registration. The event will take place 3-4 November this year in Vienna, Austria. Proceedings will be in English. FairSay is working in partnership with moreonion to organise this event. Please spread the word! #ecfCEE on twitter.

ECF list - monthly catch up

Our monthly blog summary will help you keep up with the hot topics on this lively email list. In April:

  • explaining twitter to your boss,
  • email layout,
  • Canadian elections,
  • the importance of storytelling,
  • embargoes in the age of 24 hour media,
  • 'how big is big enough' when it comes to your email list, and more...

Catch up on the FairSay blog.

ECF workdays

We'd love to keep the connections going, so we're setting up regular 'work together' days. These are an opportunity to take your work out of your normal office and get together with fellow online campaigners: think of it as a chance to get some different chat around the teapot/water cooler and refresh your ideas.

I'm hosting the first one THIS FRIDAY at the Hub in Islington, London. Email me if you're interested in coming along, or in hosting a future day in London, or wherever you work.

What we're reading

I'm currently absorbed by Chip and Dan Heath's Switch: how to change things when change is hard, and by coincidence, Jess is reading Made to Stick, by the same pair.

Also of interest to those in the UK: two former voluntary-sector workers talk about what it's like for an MP to be on the receiving end of campaigns, in Third Sector magazine, and this analysis of the 'digital war' in the AV referendum on the politicshome site.

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